Artist's Statement

I've been painting and drawing since childhood. It's my passion. I received my DEC in Illustration & Design from Dawson College in Montreal and my BFA, Major painting and drawing, from Concordia University in Montreal.
My early work was largely figurative with a focus on portraiture. I'm interested in the psychological and emotional aspects of portraiture. 

Recently my focus has widened to include making abstractions of landscapes. I am led intuitively by the action of moving colour on whatever surface it is that I've chosen for the piece. I've been exploring the unexpected events that occur during the course of making a painting. When I begin an abstract work I have a good idea of the direction it's heading in, but don't know exactly what the end result will be. I use primarily acrylic paint, charcoal, oil paint and encaustic (molten beeswax and pigment) on a variety of surfaces. Typically I like to work with a limited colour palette in order to allow layering, texture and mood to determine the image as much as the pigment itself. These recent paintings of mine have an object quality which is a new element in my body of work.
My abstract landscapes refer to nature in the ways that we all connect with it; Describing light, colour, and movement. Using these fundamentals, I aspire to get past the conscious level of the viewer to an expression of emotion that is beyond the visual, a space for the imagination to wander and interpret.